At the end of the incubation time, the reaction was stopped by th

At the end of the incubation time, the reaction was stopped by the addition of PBS supplemented with 5% FCS. Subsequently,

the fragments were incubated with DNase I (50 U/ml) (Invitrogen) for 40 min at 37°. Finally, the cell suspensions were collected through a gauze mesh and washed with cold PBS. DCs were labelled with carboxyfluorescein succinimidyl selleck chemicals llc ester (CFSE; 5 μm) for 40 min at 37°. Cells were extensively washed and re-suspended in PBS. DCs (1 × 106) were injected i.t. into BALB/c mice. Six hours later, lung tissues were collected and processed as described above. The presence of CFSE-labelled DCs in the lung suspensions was analysed by flow cytometry. A week after the treatment of allergic mice with PBS, DCs or DCHISs, lungs were washed via a tracheal tube with PBS. Cells were washed and leucocyte counts were determined by optical microscopy. Cytospin slides were stained with toluidine to determine the percentages of eosinophils. Cell Navitoclax in vitro staining was performed using the following monoclonal

antibodies (mAbs): anti-CD11c, anti-CD8α, anti-CD4, anti-CD8, anti-CD11b and anti-GR1 [conjugated with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC), phycoerythrin (PE) or peridinin chrorophyl protein complex] (BD Pharmingen, San Diego, CA). The data were collected using a FACSCalibur (Bs.As., Argentina) flow cytometer and analysed using the CellQuest program (BD Biosciences; Bs.As., Argentina). Serum samples were obtained from mice at the end of experiments by cardiac puncture. OVA-specific IgE antibodies were detected using plates coated overnight with 1 μg/ml OVA in sodium carbonate buffer (pH 9·5; Sigma-Aldrich). Plates were treated with Tween 0·5% in PBS (TPBS) supplemented with 1% bovine serum albumin (BSA) for 2 hr at room temperature. Serial dilutions of sera were added and, after 2 hr, the plates were washed three times with TPBS and an appropriate dilution of biotinylated

detection antibody (rat anti-mouse IgE; BD Pharmingen) was added for 1 hr. After the plates had been washed, the enzyme avidine peroxidase (eBiosciences; FAD San Diego, CA) was added for 20 min. 3,3′,5,5′-tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) was used as a substrate. Absorbance was measured at 450 nm. T cells and DCs were purified from lung cell suspensions using an autoMACS separator in accordance with the manufacturer’s protocols (Miltenyi Biotec; Bergisch Gladbach, Germany). DCs and T cells were purified by positive selection using magnetic beads coupled to anti-CD11c and anti-CD3 antibodies, respectively. Purified T cells from lungs were stimulated for 18 hr with OVA (10 ng/ml) in the presence of brefeldin A (10 μg/ml). Cells were stained for cell surface markers with FITC-conjugated anti-CD4 or CD8 antibodies (BD Pharmingen). After washing, cells were fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde and permeabilized with saponin (0·1% in PBS).

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