We then discuss some of the biochemical literature on seed lipase

We then discuss some of the biochemical literature on seed lipases and describe the cloning and characterisation of a lipase called SUGAR-DEPENDENT1, which is required for TAG breakdown in Arabidopsis thaliana seeds. (C) 2008 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved”
“Adrenocortical cytomegaly (AC) is a relatively uncommon phenomenon but tends to occur in certain situations, including specific congenital anomalies and hydrops due to maternal-fetal Rhesus incompatibility. Because the pathology in the latter condition does not differ greatly from hemoglobin (Hb) Bart hydrops fetalis, we performed

a retrospective review of fetal and perinatal autopsy cases with Hb Bart to determine the prevalence of AC in that condition. Over a 10-year period ZD1839 (2001-2010) at King Chulalongkorn Selleck DMH1 Memorial Hospital, there were 16 hydropic cases confirmed to have Hb Bart. Adrenocortical cytomegaly was found in 13 cases (81%). For comparison, we determined the occurrence of AC in cases of hydrops fetalis not due to Hb Bart (n = 33) and a heterogeneous group of congenital anomalies (n = 34). Adrenocortical cytomegaly was identified in only 1 case of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome and 2 cases of anencephaly. Thus, AC is a

common finding in cases of Hb Bart, a finding not previously documented. Moreover, our study suggests that Hb Bart is one of the conditions most commonly associated with AC. The reasons for this are not known. The mean Hb levels for the hydrops cases with Hb Bart and those with other forms of anemia showed no significant difference (P = 0.63), nor was there any significant difference in Hb levels between cases of Hb Bart with and without

AC. Nonetheless, the consistency of AC in cases of Hb Bart suggests that further study of this particular group of patients might shed light on the pathogenesis of this poorly understood pathologic finding.”
“An unusual behavior of the disappearance and the reappearance of the hysteresis loop of the spin crossover compounds under external pressure was observed experimentally by Garcia et al. [Hyperfine Interact. 139/140, 543 (2002)] and modeled within the framework of the “”atom-phonon coupling”" model. In this contribution we explain HSP inhibitor the evolution of the hysteresis width versus the applied pressure. Using the same model, we also show the existence of stable as well as metastable and unstable states at very low temperatures. These excited metastable electronic spin states at low temperature can be associated to the “”out of equilibrium”" states in the light-induced electronic spin state trapping. (C) 2009 American Institute of Physics. [DOI: 10.1063/1.3186055]“
“Because lipids are major components of cellular membranes, their degradation under stress conditions compromises compartmentalization. However, in addition to having structural roles, membrane lipids are also implicated in signalling processes involving the activity of lipolytic enzymes.

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